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"Life is not a dress rehearsal, so make it count!"

Mike Matisa

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THE PERFORMER - Mike Matisa has been in the entertainment industry since 1983, starting out as a local DJ for clubs and private parties.  He then moved on to singing and playing guitar in 1992,  performing covers and originals in local venues around the Trenton NJ area. As a result, he has quite a following to this day who continue to enjoy both his music and his presence. Check out the "Gig Schedule" page for updates on live performances with crossover artist Karly C!


THE SONGWRITER - Packed with melodic hooks and heart-felt lyrics, Mike’s songwriting blends an adult contemporary sound with modern day pop, and rock influences of the past, providing the listener with timeless additions to their collection. Follow the iTunes link on the "Music" page for downloads!

THE AGENT - In addition to a steady lineup of live performances together, Mike enjoys managing the career of crossover artist "Karly C" who's distinct vocal style can be heard singing both pop and country music wherever music is sold, and occasionally on television, satellite radio, and FM stations around the globe! For more info please visit:

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Official Website

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