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Mike Matisa is a multi-faceted entertainer who's songwriting blends an adult contemporary sound with modern day pop and rock influences of the past. Packed with melodic hooks and heart felt lyrics back dropped by a soundscape of top caliber musicianship, his songs provide the listener with timeless additions to their collection. Mike can also be seen performing his music and covering other artists material around the New Jersey scene from time to time. Check out the "Schedule" page for updates!

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Benny Mardones & Mike Matisa Interview

Listen to this captivating radio interview as living legend Benny Mardones, singer and songwriter of the iconic 1980 radio classic "Into The Night" calls in to pay compliments to Mike's cover of this timeless piece. As Mike puts it, "This song and Benny's voice were the whole reason I wanted to become a singer/songwriter". Now in this heartfelt radio moment the two get to share their gratitude toward each other and create an instant bond like long lost father and son. To hear the interview click the video link above.

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